Agonda Beach

Agonda is a great beach spot to sunbathe, relax and unwind, with still relatively few tourists as compared to neighbour Palolem. Agonda is a nice long unspoiled stretch of beach.

In the center of the beach, as one enters Agonda village and Agonda beach there is Agonda Church and even a local school managed by the Catholic Church.  

To the left, this bigger road crosses the Agonda village until the beach road joins it near the river mouth and northern end of the beach, then continues on in the direction of Cabo da Rama. Agonda's beach is very simple and natural. There are plenty of sun beds. The beach looks even more gorgeous without the sun beds and makes you understand why you went there and not to some built up man made resort.

Agonda beach is famous as a Ridley turtle nesting site which are endangered. Staying at Palolem Delights, nature lovers can visit these Olive Ridley Turtles which are located very close by on this Agonda beach.

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